What is the most effective way and process of booking interviews?

What is the most effective way and process of booking interviews?

I would like to know the most effective method in approaching an artist for an interview. I specialize in old school hip hop. Most of these individuals I am targeting are from the pre Golden Age, The Golden Age and the 90s. These interviews will be professionally filmed at studios as well. Quality production. Do artists request a fee for interviews? Someone give me the breakdown.

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Asked on January 28, 2016 6:54 pm
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Artists use interviews and media coverage as promotion for themselves. You should never pay for an interview except in rare cases like a huge celebrity (Adele) is giving you an exclusive on an interview for a big event in their personal loves (divorce, pregnancy, etc).

Since you are targeting old school artists, this is a niche that is much more accessible than let’s say a Drake so they are much more willing to work with you especially if your just starting out. Now because you are doing in person interviews, there’s some things that you have to consider. The artist needs to live in your city or be in your city for an event as it’s very very unlikely that they will travel to your city just for an interview. And it should be very easy for them to access you, so you can arrange transportation to and from studio. This is all planned out with an manager or agent.

To set up an interview you will get in touch with the publicist, or manager if there is no publicist. Simply give them a “short” background on your company, for example who you have interviewed in the past along with your sites reach (# of visitors, etc). No artist wants to do an interview for a blog that no one reads. Also provide link to your site as well.

Hope that helps!


Answered On January 28, 2016 7:07 pm
Bridgette Garza
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