What Our Members Say About Booking Agent Info

Want to know how celebrity contact database will help you work with celebrities? Please don’t take our word for it, read what our members have to say!

“ enables me to get contact info for booking agents and managers for potential post-game performances and anthem events at our games.” – Shana Booker, Philadelphia 76ers

“I just got off the phone with Keith Sweats manager after 2 weeks of searching for him. That was an amazing experience. I’ll make $2500 or more for an $18 investment. I’m very pleased!!!” – Rovella Williams, Versus Entertainment Group

“I signed up because I have a new product I’m taking to market and wanted to send samples to pregnant celebrities for any possible PR we may receive if they happen to like it. So far has had most if the contact info we’ve needed.” – James, Giraffe Bath & Body, LLC

“I work for a nonprofit, so I joined to outreach to celebrities’ publicists & managers to raise awareness and/or hopefully ignite interest in a celeb who might want to become a spokesperson for our organization.” – Natalia, American Association of Caregiving Youth

“I’m using your service for finding the right contact persons for booking top artists to special concerts and events. So far has helped me get in touch with the right people for Paul McCartney and Josh Groban.” – Øyvind, Kultur Operatorene

“My main freelance business is designing and screen printing concert posters. I use your site primarily for contacting band managers and agents as I don’t always have the time to search for them myself. You guys have been great so far, and I have started to grow a substantial client list with the help of your service.” – Matthew Decker

“I signed up for because I promoted a film festival as well as other events throughout the course of the year for which we are looking for celebrities to attract attendees” – David, Jaxon Film Fest

“I signed up for because I am looking for contacts to major artists to work with them. I make beats and want to get them to major artists.” – Dune

“I’m a manager for producers, so I’m trying to extend their projects to other artists in the industry. or any other type of network for different types of projects. “- Anna

“I have a magazine which is dedicated to music, and doing music tutorials. I wanted to know how exactly to approach these professional contacts, manager, etc the most professional way” – Ronnie

“I signed up for because as a management company there are times when we need to reach out to other artists. Weather it is to ask to collaborate for an award show or team up for an upcoming tour, etc.”

“I currently manage two music producers. I use to obtain contact info for mangers in an effort to secure placements for my clients.” – Gabriel

“I signed up for because I am a concert promoter who is looking to book national acts at a lesser cost. So it will be best to communicate directly with the managing agent of the artist instead of a middle man” – Fred

“I joined because I am an author, screenwriter, and will soon be launching a website dedicated to screenwriters. I would like to solicit directors and producers to join my website where log lines and easy communication with writers is just a click away.” – Carina

“I simply signed up to contact Katy Perry, as my younger sister is a huge fan and would absolutely love to meet her. I’ve successfully contacted her agents several times. I am considering contacting other celebrities, as well. Thank you! ” – Hayley