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Access data on talent in music, sports, film/TV, comedy, and influencers. Get contact info and data on their endorsements, event bookings, social media stats, and charitable involvements.
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Verified Celebrity Contact List
Unlock Doors to the Stars: Step directly into the inner circle. No middlemen. No scams. With official agents, managers, and publicists of global celebrities all meticulously verified, you're not just reaching out—you're breaking through with authenticity and trust.
Verified Celebrity Contact List
In-depth Celebrity Endorsement Data
Shape Powerful Collaborations: Knowledge is power in brand campaigns. Dive into which brands celebrities have championed, aligning your strategies with insights that drive impact.
In-depth Celebrity Endorsement Data
Celebrity Charity & Causes Data
Connect on a Deeper Level: Relationships aren’t just about names and numbers. Understand celebrities passions and causes, finding common ground for meaningful collaborations.
Celebrity Charity & Causes Data
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Be in the Pulse of Entertainment: In an industry that never sleeps, stay ahead of the curve. Know the latest collaborations, endorsements, and shifts in the entertainment world.
Megan Thee Stallion
Megan Thee Stallion has supported the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)
Megan Thee Stallion is managed by Roc Nation and T-Ferris
Pusha T
Pusha T and Matches Fashion collaborated on a new campaign.
Pusha T is managed by Steven Victor
Usher Signs
Usher Signs with CAA
Usher is now represented by Jason Smith, Chris David, John Elman
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Customizable Email Templates
Craft Memorable First Impressions: Every outreach is an opportunity. Use our optimized templates to ensure your communications resonate and leave an impact.
Unlock Detailed Social Media Insights
Gauge a celebrity's digital influence with key metrics like Engagement Rate, Comment Rate, and Like Rate. Understand their reach with data on Views, Likes, and Comments per Post.
Unlock Detailed Social Media Insights
Build Bridges,
Not Just a Contact List
Build Bridges, Not Just Contacts: Going beyond the surface, know the reps’ affiliations, languages, and clientele. It's not just about networking — it's about forging meaningful relationships.
Representative profile Representative's colleagues Representative's clients
Brand Endorsement Data
Data-Driven Celebrity-Brand Insights: Navigate the entwining paths of celebrities and brands, leveraging historical endorsement data to strategically inform, inspire, and elevate your next marketing move.
Brand Endorsement Data
Create laser-focused lists
Imagine a world where your representative contacts are neatly categorized, just as you envision. With a click, seamlessly integrate these lists into your CRM.
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From Hollywood's A-listers lighting up the silver screen to captivating local sensations across Asia's bustling cities and Africa's vibrant landscapes, our database doesn't just catalog names—it paints a global tapestry of talent. Venture beyond the mainstream, and discover hidden gems from Europe's art houses, Latin America's music scenes, and Oceania's emerging influencers. No matter where they shine, from the bustling streets of Mumbai to the energetic stages of Seoul, our database ensures you're just a click away from connecting with stars from every corner of the world.

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