is there COST involved for getting a celebrity on my PODCAST?

is there COST involved for getting a celebrity on my PODCAST?

We have the Phantasmic Journey PODCAST every Wednesday night @ 8pm cst.
We talk with numerous TV Para Clebs. Anyone which deals with the Supernatural, the Paranormal, the weird, and unexplained. Been looking to have Rob Lowe on our show cause they filmed the “LOWE FILES” My question would be..does it cost us to have a celebrity on our podcast show?


Asked on June 9, 2021 8:10 pm

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Hi Gavin. Most interviews on podcasts are done for free by celebrities as they get free advertisement/promotion out of them. In your initial email to the celebrities' publicists, be sure to include insights into your audience and viewership. You should let them why you think the celebrities are a good fit for your audience and how they can gain from the publicity and exposure generated by your podcast.

However, there are cases where a fee is required to interview a celebrity on a podcast. This usually happens when there is a short time frame and there is a need to get the interview done quickly. Sometimes, celebrities may also shop the interview if there are big stories or exclusive interviews that will reveal important celebrity information.


Answered On June 15, 2021 1:25 am

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