How to get celebrities to come on my parenting podcast

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How to get celebrities to come on my parenting podcast

Hi, I get few responses for my requests to have celebrities on my parenting podcast andr I wanted input on the template I’m using. Here it is below, thanks:

Good Afternoon Karynne,

My name is Joe Shaw and I am a co-host of a dad’s podcast called “DTALKS: Dads Talk About Life, Kids and Stuff”. We are a Dallas/Fort-Worth-based podcast that focuses on the dad’s perspective in parenting. I am reaching out today to see if your client, Jim Caviezel, would be interested in being a guest on our show to discuss their experience as a parent.


We talk about the ups and downs we experience as dads in hopes that others can learn from our mistakes, take what works, and laugh along with us as we share our story. There are so many resources out there for mothers and parents in general, but there aren’t many resources which mainly focus on the dad’s perspective. Too many times, dads are portrayed as having the tendency to fold under pressure or defer to the moms and we want to change that. We want to empower fathers to be a happy and successful co-parent.


We are the only DFW-based Dad-specific resource and were featured in the June ‘17 issue of Dallas Child Magazine because of this fact. If we can reach out to just one dad and let them know they are not alone and have a resource to go to then we believe our podcast is a success.


Last year we partnered with Vokal NOW a media company here in Dallas.  Through Vokal our potential reach over a 30 day period is upwards of 425,000 unique visitors and we provide their only parenting podcast.


We would like to have him on because we are always on the look out to share the unique perspective of other fathers, especially fathers that offer a perspective that we cannot speak to. We want to share their parenting stories/insights and allow our listeners to know they are not alone in this fatherhood journey.


A couple of example episodes we’ve done recently include:


1.       Olympic medalist and American Ninja Warrior Jonathan Horton where he spoke about how his parents affected his pursuit of a gymnastics career, and how he’s approaching fatherhood. 


2.       Former Survivor: Gabon cast member Charlie Herschel where he relayed his experience using surrogacy with his husband Kent and what that whole process looked like.


3.       And we also interviewed local Sportscaster and viral sensation Dale Hansen where he discussed how his career impacted fatherhood and being a grandfather has changed his perspective


We would certainly be open to him calling in as we have a call-in number and would be happy to do a phone interview.

However, if he is going to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area anytime soon we’d love to record with him in person. We have a very mobile set-up and come to whever he is, if that is amenable to him. And with our broadcast level headsets it does not matter where we record. We do have access to an office space to record in


If you would like to research us you can check out our website here:

Or on Vokal’s website:

We are also on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @dtalkspodcast


Please feel free to email me back here or you can contact me directly through my cell phone: 817-874-2249. We are anxiously awaiting your reply, have a great rest of your day, thank you.

Have a great day.

Joe Shaw

Co-Host of The DTALKS Podcast


Asked on May 2, 2018 7:53 pm

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I agree with Lavinia, its way too long. Too much information on the initial email. You only want to provide a publicist with information that can help them make a decision. Remember the purpose of a publicist is to build awareness for their client through the media. So important things would be who your target audience is, the reach of your podcast (publicist don’t want to waste their clients time if no one will hear it), and and the things that Lavinia mentioned. Good luck!

Thank you!

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Hi Joe,

First of all your request looks great but unfortunately is too long. Publicists don’t have the time to read long emails. If they need more information they will contact you. Be sure to provide a clear subject line. A small introduction of who you are, state your name and what media you are from, suggest a date and time (or give a range) for the interview and ask if the celebrity is available on that date (if isn’t, suggest that you can try to be flexible). At the end of the email add your links, so the publicist can check your podcast.
Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you very much this is extremely helpful. I appreciate it.

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