A travel buyout BUYOUT

A travel buyout BUYOUT

Purchaser agrees that the Artiste’s Management reserves the right to make all necessary travel arrangements for
Artiste and travel party. Artiste Travel party is a total of 13 persons, 3 Business 1 Premium Economy and 9
A Travel Buyout Shall Be Discussed and Agreed on Between Both Parties Prior To Purchase. A travel buyout shall be discussed prior to purchase and agreed on between both parties ( what does that mean)

This is a flat rate that the purchaser agrees to pay. If there's any additional cost the artist's management team will pay the cost.
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Asked on March 27, 2023 2:44 pm

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How can I arrange a buyout for an especific artist?


Answered On June 25, 2023 1:10 am

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Travel buyout meaning instead of you buying the flights for the artist and their entourage, you will be paying a flat fee. The buyout will be agreed between both parties means that once they have a price, they will provide it to you, and upon your approval, this will be the fee that they charge you. Flight prices are variable, and change daily so this may be the reason why they don't have a price to give you now.

This is from my understanding of that buyout based on the details you provided.

This is accurate and can be applied to all expenses.
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