Jade Cicada Signs With Red Light Management

July 9, 2024
John Dody

Jade Cicada, a prominent figure in the electronic music scene, has officially joined forces with Red Light Management for her career management. She continues to be represented by Wasserman for her agency needs.

Record Label and Music Releases: Jade Cicada is known for her unique sound that blends intricate melodies with deep bass lines, primarily releasing her music independently. This approach allows her to maintain creative control and connect directly with her audience through platforms like Bandcamp and SoundCloud, where she enjoys a dedicated following.

Performance and Audience Reach: Jade Cicada has captivated audiences at major music festivals, including Electric Forest and Shambhala, where her sets are often highlights. Her music has resonated with a wide audience, amassing millions of streams across various platforms. Her ability to create a vibrant, immersive sound environment makes her a sought-after performer in the electronic music circuit.

Influence and Impact: With her innovative approach to music production and performance, Jade Cicada has carved out a distinct niche in the electronic music community. Her work is characterized by a commitment to quality and a deep understanding of the genre’s dynamics, which has earned her respect and admiration from both fans and peers.

The partnership with Red Light Management is expected to further enhance Jade Cicada’s career, providing her with additional resources and support to expand her reach and influence in the music industry. This strategic alignment promises to bring new opportunities and continue the momentum she has built over the years.

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