Accurate Celebrity Contact Info

For hip-hop artists looking for coverage on hip-hop blogs, it can be a time consuming process to collect the contact information for hip-hop bloggers. Instead of having artists, which may already be on limited resources, spend hours finding blogs to send their music, along with the emails of the websites, we decided to create a comprehensive list of hip-hop blog contacts. In this list you will find the name of the blog, along with the contact email, Twitter account, and a short summary of what the blog represents. You can use this list to submit music to hip hop blogs that are a good fit for you.

Do not use this list to send mass emails. Please make sure and view the blog, and see if your content is a good fit, and send a personalized message.

Any blogs that would like to be added or removed from this list, please contact us here.

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Website nameWebsite URLContact Email/URLContact NameTwitter URLComments
100 Grand On My Wrist, Yeah Life Sucks only posts music from the Bay Area, Sacramento, Akron, and Kansas City. Publishes podcasts regularly about rap music.
1 big hip hop author is a young, hungry hip hop blogger posting the freshest and hottest tracks and mixtapes he finds.
C1t1zens Class Citizens is a site created by life-long hip-hop enthusiasts that hope to share their favorite artists and music with the world. Through bios, interviews, and insightful posts they strive to create a community of sorts that shares their love for good times and better music.
210 Presents by a former Hungarian graffiti artist and hip-hop event organizer, now residing in London and leading his own producing and promoting agency.
256UP N/A@256upThey cover all the realest uncut hip hop as it drops on the zeroth day. Quite a few blog posts with the most current hip-hop and other tracks.
The 273 intends to bring good music, along with a few other bits, from Brighton, B-Town, the 273, the South-Easy - one of the livest and most varied hip-hop scenes in UK.
2DBZ hip-hop artists from all over the world. Plenty of interviews, reviews and different songs/mixtapes, with posts being delivered daily and with exclusive content.
2klife of an entertaiment group from South Florida with a goal to deliver its own style, music, videos and clothing. 2k accepts the role as black entertainers and entrepreneurs staying true to their craft.
2L's On A Cloud, TN based website delivering news in music, fashion, event coverage and urban culture. Seeks to show gratitude to young individuals shining in various ways out of highschool through Y.E.S. (Youth Excellence Spotlight) portion of the blog.
2words The Top Michael Caldwell@2WORDSTHETOP2words The Top is a blog site giving you news and stories surrounding sports and music, often looking to take a different angle from the norm, with interviews, opinion pieces, and giving light to up and coming artists that might get overlooked elsewhere.
40s and Phillies Ramsey@40sAndPhilliesFree hip-hop and rap music blog from Toronto Canada.
The 65 Connection the focal point where music & industry meet - Artists, DJs, Producers, Promoters, Videographers, and Graphic - Web Designers.
808 Crate urban/street/rebellious/revolutionary art. The author posts music/art he still uses in his life to look for advice.
84Area new Indie-powered blog based in Atlanta, GA, which spotlights independent culture and other topic mainstream blogs won't pay attention to. It's goal is to make underrepresented music available for download.
The 9 elements blog with a mission to advance Hip Hop as a genre and culture, with the latest in Hip Hop news, videos, audio and fashion.
A3C blog Knott@A3CNew music and news and updates from A3C festival, preeminent hip-hop festival in the US, which has grown from a local showcase to an amazing cultural experience and is celebrating 10 years in the game.
Act Live LIVE MUSIC is an indie hip-hop label and artist development company based in Brooklyn, NY.
Actual Facts FACTS is intended as a source for researching and discovering fresh Underground music. Starting from Hip Hop, through funk, soul, jazz and everything that contaminates and is contaminated by these sounds. The idea is to provide daily the most interesting beats or tracks from the Underground scene.
The African Hip Hop Blog aim of the blog is to showcase the talents of African hip hop artists from all over the world, with news, information, exclusive music, video, free downloads, events, and everything else relating to African hip hop.
A Girl and Her Hip Hop O'Shea@AGirlsHipHopA Girl and Her Hip Hop is a premier hip-hop blog that features new music and videos daily while offering exclusive interviews and reviews.
AlbuquerqueHipHop is a website dedicated to the Hip Hop culture of Albuquerque, NM and its surrounding areas. It serves as connection point for Albuquerque Hip Hop fans to get the latest information on music, shows, and events.
allaussie hip hop stop shop for all the latest local hip hop news and info from around Australia. By hip hop fans, for hip hop fans.
All In a Days Work Britton@AIADWpostsAn independent music blog, with a goal to expose the talented world of underground hip-hop, and to bring the music to a wider audience.
Al Lindstrom is an entertaining look into the music business from the eyes of industry vet Al Lindstrom and his team. They bring you new, original content every week.
All That Dope Shit Dedicated to showing off Dope Hip Hop music.
All Unsigned's a platform for artists to network with each other, labels to find who’s next and for fans to find new music for their playlists. The intent is to bring underground music to the forefront and get artists recognized for their talents no matter what part of the world they come from.
All We Got is Us by an independent company established in Northern Delaware/Orlando Florida to promote good music, times, and entertainment. Born out of hip hop, indie music, graffiti and the streets.
Ambrosia for Heads For Heads seeks to bring the best of the best in hip-hop (old and new) with food for thought to stimulate your mental, the latest in songs, videos and mixtapes, as well as articles written with the care and intelligence merited by the most important force to arise in entertainment culture in the last 30 years.
Ashes and Drinks In upstate NY, Ashes and Drinks brings the most up to date info on music, news, interviews and more.
Atljunkie Williams@ATL_junkieThe blog started as an outlet for independent artists to be heard and still remains true to its roots to this very day. It is the place for all of the latest updates and music as well as a liaison for contact.
The Audacity of Dope Bunker-Pardo@DJHyphenThe author is a DJ from Seattle, Washington, who hosts Sunday Night Sound Session radio show on KUBE. The shows has a dedicated online listenership through live streaming.
Audio Feign Feign was created to give a place to Independent artists of any genre and where these artists can be heard. It vows to deliver the daily fix that ever music feign needs.
Ayebro is New Zealand’s No.1 underground Hip-Hop and R&B web site. It's a one-stop medium for Aotearoa’s aspiring musicians to partake in any of the following: network amongst peers, dain exposure, market themselves, promote their music and be subject to a public audience.
AvaTheAnarchist Bella@AvaTheAnarchistA blog by artist, author and musician AvaBella about all things independent, artistic, fashionable, creative and musical.
Back to Pluto by a circle of music heads, showcasing their latest discoveries all in one place. Currently operating in Washington DC, Baltimore & Los Angeles.
Backpacks & Traps rap is socially conscious hip-hop. It is not necessarily overtly political, but it discusses social issues and conflicts. Trap music is filled with confrontation and aggression, whether in the lyrical subject matter, the hard, driving beats, the noisy sampling and production, or any combination thereof.
Bad Perm look at Hip Hop from females' perspectives and an all-women run site, leaving an impressionable female footprint along the path of hip-hop’s future.
BringingDownTheBand aka Lonegevity@bdtbAt BDTB they view art as a necessary part of society and the blog is their way of sharing it to everyone that may not have the avenues, or addiction, as they do. The blog is looking for quality over everything, with no intent on posting what is perceived hot unless it is truly worthy of being posted.
Beat Mecca hub for all things in Hip Hop production.
Beatspill official blog of BEATSPILL Radio (WMUA 91.1). It's an alternative Hip Hop blog with a focus on instrumental production.
Beat Tape Co-Op website dedicated solely to producers and beat makers.
Beat Trotterz's a plateform which goal is to set up a stable network, connect people through it, then eventually set up releases and more.
It extends its functions by being a production label.
Birthplace Magazine website showcases established and upcoming artists from all five NYC boroughs and surrounding areas, as well featuring journalistic pieces and interviews with organizations and other entities involved in New York hip-hop music. Unique because it focuses solely on NY metropolitan area.
Boi-1da is the official blog of Grammy-Winning producer, Boi-1da, known for his production with Drake, Eminem, Keri Hilson, Rick Ross and many more.
Bound 2 Hip Hop 2 hip hop is dedicated to bringing together the global community of hip hop’s Dj’s, rappers, singers, beatmakers, producers, artists and designers.
Brain of BMW's a stage for talented artists of every genre & medium to showcase their talents to the world. Includes posts about art, music, poetry, videos, interviews and event recaps.
Breal.tv by B-Real, the front man of the legendary group Cypress Hill, Breal.TV brings a fresh daily dose of news, music and culture. It offers both live and recorded interactive programming and simultaneous broadcasts.
Brick To Ya Face website for people to come and find new music, art and fashion. It also coordinates it's The Common Ground, a weekly Sunday night performance venue, that books all types of artist.
Bring Ya Eh Game content featured is and will always be Canadian. It's the #1 Spot For Urban Music In Canada.
B's and 3's Boston Hip-Hop news for local Boston hip-hop. Music, Videos, Events, Interviews, Exclusives and Downloads. Boston Hip-Hop history, legends and classics.
Carolina On The Rise source for music, news, sports, events and anything else dealing with North Carolina and South Carolina.
Carolina Promoterhttp://www.carolinapromoter.comthecarolinapromoter@gmail.comMarvin Clowney@cakemixxllc The Carolina Promoter is the voice and guide for businesses surrounding the entertainment industry here in the North & South Carolina areas. We R-The Market The Carolina Promoter Editorial team will educate readers with interviews, reviews, special reports and articles about Independent labels, Hip-Hop artists, R&B singers, Songwriters, Dj’s and Music producers in the music entertainment business.
Chi-City Hip-Hop website consists of hip hop and r&b music from Chicago and Chicago land area giving every artist a chance to get their music heard.
ChopsAndKicks digital magazine that documents several aspects of culture from music to sports and everything in between.
The Chuckness blog/concert-thrower based out of Boston and Los Angeles.
City on Clouds on Clouds is a multimedia platform, which produces daily content for the everyday culture and lifestyle needs. Driven by music, video content, fashion and style; gadgets, exclusive features, interviews and authentic reviews—City on Clouds is there to monitor and stay abreast of news of the day from various outlets, while keeping a keen eye on trends that impact the audience.
Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes 2 Coast provides artists with quality PR and promotional services. It creates campaigns, including personalized press releases, and works hand in hand with media and promotional outlets, in order to give indie artists major opportunities.
The Come Up Show is a go to blog for news, interviews and commentary on hip hop culture in Canada and abroad and houses all related content.
Complex Music Magazine covers the latest trends in fashion, sneakers, music, sports and everything in between. It's the ultimate mens buyers guide.
Cool Hype Radio Hype Radio is a website looking to showcase entertainment from mainstream to local/independent talent as far as music, to sports, fashion, movies and so forth. Based out of Chicago.
Crunk Atlanta author was born in Detroit, MI. He's from Seven Mile Rd and Greenfield and was inspired to get involved in the industry to promote Detroit rappers outside Detroit.
The Daily Dose Gavin@thedailydose_The Daily Dose was Sean Gavin. It aims to be the #1 source for hip-hop & news everyday!
The Daily Loud Maglin@DailyLoudThe source for the newest hip-hop & rap news, dedicated to the cultivation of hip-hop from all over the world. Updated daily.
Da-What hip hop website that strives to bring information above all else. Posts about album reviews, interviews and videos – all the while introducing readers to good music new and old.
Day & A Dream & A Dream is an online website catered towards Hip-Hop, R&B & alternative music from a fans perspective. Opinionated on pop culture as well as the world as a whole. Offers a slice of Texas hip-hop not seen by the mainstream.
Dead End Hip Hop album reviews, hip hop debates, indie and mainstream artist interviews, music event coverage and more.
Def Pen Radio Pen Radio is a media entertainment network for latest in music, videos, photos and more. The website focuses mainly on hip-hop, R&B & Pop music.
Desi Hip Hop is the #1 platform empowering the Hip-Hop movement in South Asian communities globally.
Digiindie is the internet's oracle for the latest music, videos, webshows and more from the best independent and mainstream 'creatives'.
DJ Booth blog committed to preserving the legacy of DJs in the digital world and dedicated to bringing together a global community of users united around a common passion, the music everyone loves.
DopeClusive viral website about music, fashion, sneakers, luxury & all things.
DopeDC online music entertainment outlet for both rising & established artists, producers, singers, songwriters, etc. Promotes videos, albums, singles, mixtapes, local events and the latest news in hip-hop, rap and r&b.
Dope Future Stukov@MrStukovOnly Dope Hip Hop and R&B Music.
Dope New Music music blog based out of the DC area that updates daily and posts a lot of music you may not hear on your go to music website. Keeping hip hop alive one post at a time!
Double Cin online community dedicated to Cincinnati's Hip Hop Community. Started by DATNATIKID in 2011, with a goal to introduce a broad range of talent within the local Cincinnati-area scene to the rest of the industry.
East Coast Digital Radio Coast Digital Radio is podcasting/blogging network specializing in marketing and promotion of independent hip-hop/rap music.
Elevator exclusive content from leading creative people in the hip hop industry - photo editorials,
interviews, articles, event coverage and music videos.
Elite Muzik elite urban music site introducing some of the favorite and up & coming independent artist in various genres!
The Essence of Rap and Hip-Hop the latest underground rap and hip-hop album reviews and artists, specializing in that "Golden Era" sound.
Fake Shore Drive in October of 2007, Fake Shore Drive is Chicago’s premiere Hip-Hop website and hotbed for the Midwest’s urban music scene; featuring exclusive music, videos, interviews and news items that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet.
Fashionably Early Early is a destination for new, good hip hop, with a goal to open more people to good music. They are based around the genre of hip hop but have broad ridges that expand as far off as to Jazz, Soul, Electronic, and even some indie rock.
The Find Magazine Find Magazine is a global collective of music lovers dedicated to promoting the diffusion of hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, and related styles of music. They hold the aesthetics of hip hop in high regard and strive to bring a unique and unrivalled selection of the best artists and releases.
The Fly Nation in late 2011 to be a site that would provide an environment for music lovers to enjoy the latest and hottest hip hop music, mixtapes and videos. Now, a full fledged lifestyle blog providing music, news, interviews, fashion, and more.
Fresh Hip-Hop source for the freshest hip-hop music, mixtapes, downloads, videos, news, and reviews. Updated daily with only the freshest hip-hop.
FreshNDef NDef is a company that provides a platform for independent artists using all forms of media, dedicated to helping all artists reach their customer & fan base.
Fresh New Tracks the latest in electro, hip-hop, dubstep, mashups, and more.
Get Money Music in November 2012, it's establishing itself as a one-stop shop for hip hop, r&b, and reggae fans and artists.
Get That Paper Son Breach@GetThatPaperSonGet That Paper Son is the #1 source for all your Hip Hop Music, News, And Fashion needs!
Good Music All Day is a taste-making website that provides the best legally free music in a variety of genres for young adults ages 16 to 24.
Got Hip Hop for the urban lifestyle, hip hop videos, rap videos, sports highlights, R&B videos and more.
Greedmont Park by members of the rap group, Mach Five, Corey Davis and A.ware in 2008 to share their affinity for pop culture and to give you a behind-the-scenes look at their own careers.
Hard In The Paint Gamble@HITPMusicLaunched in April 2011 by Lindsey Gamble, Hard In The Paint Music is a Boston-based hip hop music platform. It features the latest hip hop news, downloads, videos, exclusive interviews, in-depth reviews and features.
Heatcasters Christopher is an online source for a uniquely Christian perspective on independent urban music, faith, sports and fashion, with related audio and visuals from around the world.
Hip Hop Amore New Jersey based informative Hip Hop music blog written and updated daily by a group of educated, music-passionate millennials, with the aim to introduce the newest hits, and pay respect to underground and pioneer Hip Hop artists.
Hip Hop Certified aka Block@hiphopcertifiedBrand new hip-hop blog including new music, album reviews and more.
HipHopClub Culture The Movement. Emcee, DJ, Breakdancing, and Graffiti - at HipHopClub they do what they can to keep the 4 elements of hip hop alive.
Hip Hop Dependency main aim of the site is to promote independent hip hop artists and music and showcase some of the talent that is out there. It includes reviews, artist highlights, music and videos.
Hip Hop Durso D’Urso@dursonjA blog where they interview Hip Hop Artists and talk business.
The Hip Hop Head Dot Net Pabon@dblok78The Hip Hop Head started in 2009 in Chicago. The sole purpose of the blog is to shine on up and coming, hungry emcee's who make dope music. Keeping the culture Alive.
HipHopHundred is built to bring the latest and the greatest in hip-hop music. Their main focus is to shine light on up and coming talent including: artists, designers, DJ’s, and producers.
Hip-Hop Kings is a leading urban entertainment website, featuring the latest music, news, interviews and reviews from the UK and US Hip-Hop scene. Known throughout the world as an impartial rap and Hip-Hop website.
Hip-Hop Life and Times aim of the blog is to be upfront with news on all the latest from the world of underground Hip-Hop from the UK, as well as report on some of the better releases coming out of the USA and globally.
The Hip-Hop Mafia Patterson@thehiphopmafiaThe Hip-Hop Mafia is a group of like-minded individuals that love and appreciate Hip-Hop music. They try and cover all aspects of Hip-Hop from New York & East Coast, to West Coast and Dirty South, UK Hip-Hop and even the occasional quality Grime artist.
UndergroundHipHopBlog.com of the top Indie/Underground Hip Hop community BLOGS consisting of fans, independent Artists, producers, D.J's & promoters featuring fresh Indie/Underground Hip Hop music from around the world. Generating thousands of visitors per week globally.
Word Is Bond O'Connor AKA LRCN@thewordisbondThe blog is an embodiment of a movement striving towards the growth of the arts. As a team of dedicated writers, they try their best to deliver quality hip-hop music and articles.
Pigeons and Planes and Planes is a place to keep up with good new music ranging from indie rock and mainstream hip-hop to experimental pop and electronic.
The Underground Hip Hop Authority Nottingham@KNdotcomFounded in 2007 by Hip Hop enthusiast Kevin Nottingham in an effort to bridge the gap between all forms of Hip Hop (old school/new school, underground/mainstream). The recipient of the Music Lover Blog of the Year Award from the 2008 SOHH Online Hip-Hop Awards. Delivers only the best in Hip Hop/music reviews, interviews, commentary, and blogs.
Upcoming Hip Hop Artists place for Upcoming Hip Hop Artists and Producers to meet and share music. Also a place for them to collaborate and share their music with their friends and fans.
Hip-Hop Fights Back BoureyN/AThe overall goal of the blog is to educate the general public by exposing them to outstanding hip-hop songs and artists that they might have otherwise never known about.
 Viva La Hip Hop is a labor of love for the hip hop culture and everything that the authors like. They do their best to find all the local events in Northern California and update the calendar frequently.
Yet Another Hip-Hop Blog blog about hip-hop, rap music, its trends, and an overall thought about the music an culture, without indulging in gossip. A real set of opinions and discussions, not based on the popular sentiment, but examining and challenging it.
NIKKISIIXX Hip-Hop, event reviews, interviews, music videos & new music, insights to up and coming artists and DJs that should really be look out for. Links to favorite artists & where to get downloadable content.
Hood Hype is a podcast / show dedicated to spreading the word about underground and independent Hip-Hop. They feature some of the hottest underground music as well as interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry.
RealTalkNY D.@Nigel_DThe latest Hip Hop news, songs, pics & videos brought to you by Nigel D.


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