Accurate Celebrity Contact Info

For Djs and electronic music producers looking for coverage on electronic music blogs, it can be a time consuming process to collect the contact information for electronic and edm bloggers. Instead of having DJs, which may already be on limited resources, spend hours finding blogs to send their music, along with the emails of the websites, we decided to create a comprehensive list of electronic music blog contacts. The list includes drum and bass, house music, trap music, dubstep, techno, and trance blogs as well. The list gives you the name of the blog, along with the contact email, Twitter account, and a short summary of what the blog represents. You can use this list to submit music to hip hop blogs that are a good fit for you.

Do not use this list to send mass emails. Please make sure and view the blog, and see if your content is a good fit, and send a personalized message.

Any blogs that would like to be added or removed from this list, please contact us here.

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Website nameWebsite URLContact Email/URLContact Name Comments
Audible Coffee name 'Audible Coffee' says everything you need to know to appreciate this blog. Just like how nothing beats that first cup in the morning, nothing sets the mood for the rest of the day quite like the handpicked tunes that AC posts every day. Their "Roasts" demonstrate an immaculate taste in EDM, ensuring that you can't go wrong with AC's fresh-brewed daily picks. The quality of their writing also helps to justify their position in the upper echelon of music blogs.
African House Scene, Deep & Soulful House music.
Afro Monk goal of this website is to share with you all things I find interesting and worth sharing. I’m all about supporting up and coming artist. There is so much out there that not all of us can cover and these are the things I’ve come across that I find interesting, not only in music but in all genres of life.
Annie Mac Presents Mac Mac is Radio 1's Queen of dance music. On Friday nights from 7pm-9pm over 1 million listeners tune in to hear Annie kick-start the weekend with her dazzling selection of the best new dance music. Annie then heads back to Radio 1 towers again on Sunday nights to provide the wind down soundtrack to the end of the nation's big weekend. Her 10pm -12am ‘Musical Hot Water Bottle’ slot is known for soothing listeners’ ears with a rich selection of brand new music that leans to the more mellower side of Annie’s musical taste.
Bangerz Onlyhttp://www.bangerzonly.comadmin@bangerzonly.comGem to Bangerz Only! We are an electronic music blog that features the grimiest, filthiest music on the planet. Bangerz Only was created in 2009 by good friends Gem Toussaint & Colin Marshall. Originally an electro house blog, Bangerz Only has since dabbled in dubstep, drumstep, and other genres that are laced with BANGIN’ tracks.
Bass Blog Junglist or download drum and bass, neurofunk, liquid, drumfunk, deep, oldschool, jungle mixes.
Be the Rave Lamb Electronic Dance Music community. News, articles, lifestyle, music + much more.
Beatport DiPalma’s mission is to provide all the music, tools and resources DJs need to launch, manage, and profit from their careers. By focusing solely on delivering products and services tailored to the specific demands of the DJ community, we have grown to become not only the largest dance music store in the world, but also the epicenter of worldwide dance music culture.
Beats and Beyond is an online music magazine covering all that’s hot in electronic music, global clubbing culture and (night-)lifestyle. The mag is fed daily by a dedicated team of editors, reporters, photographers, and overall creative souls from every corner of the globe who bring you the latest news, music & event reviews, interviews, audiovisual content and much more. The mag was launched in 2010 and is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Black Plastic Russell music blog featuring news, opinion and great alternative electronic music.
Bleedhouse Kamali at we invest our time in finding, promoting and reviewing new music our fans will love on a day-to-day basis. We support talented producers and DJ’s who put so much time and effort into their projects, and deserve to be acclaimed publicly for their work. We strongly believe in and appreciate house and electro music and it’s future, which is why we created this blog in the first place. The thing people love about BH is that not only do we make posts on the biggest and most featured DJ’s out there but we show some love to the little guy. The producers who are just starting out and want a chance to make it in this tough industry. If you make an awesome track, we will post it.
Breaks Blog EscheN/ADrum and Bass Blog
Caveman Sound Sound is a site based out of San Francisco dedicated to providing you with a fresh, unique selection of dance music on a daily basis. The idea is simple — to introduce our readers to the highest quality music and artists through writing about what we ourselves are currently listening to, and to keep the process streamlined so that you can easily grab new tracks to better your day. In short, we’re music fanatics and want to share the amazing artists we love with you.
Daftwho? ZaylerDaftwho? would like to remind you that there's more to dance music than just that one French robot duo - what are they called again? DW comes from Melbourne, Australia's Anthony Zayler, who mainly specializes in UK-centric EDM styles related to dubstep and garage (but that doesn't mean you won't find a Skrillex or Kill The Noise track here and there). If you want to keep up with the freshest sounds from across the pond, look no further.
Daily Dose of Bass & EDM Blog dedicated to providing the newest music, mixes & videos on a daily basis. Our job is to keep you up to date.
Dancefloor Mayhem Tronic Mayhem is a music site with an emphasis on electronic / dance music. We are always adding new content, so check back often. We feature free mp3s, streaming music, DJ mix sets, music videos, album reviews and more.
Data Transmission Farmer Transmission was established on 1st February 2008 with one aim... to be biggest and best dance music website in the world. Or is that two aims? Erm….
Deadbeat Digital electronic music enthusiast online medium aka independent music blog. We live it through the music!
Death by Electro is a music blog born in Los Angeles, CA, strictly devoted to the diverse & complex sounds of electronic music.
Deep and Tech House music
Deep House Amsterdam leading Amsterdam based, online Deep House Music magazine. With mixes, interviews and reviews of the best Deep House DJ's. News, events, pics & much more.
Digi10ve was launched in August of 2010 as a one-stop news source for electronic dance music enthusiasts. Frustrated with having to browse multiple sites to keep up with the latest information, the creation of Digilove is allowing for the latest news to be broadcast through one specific medium.
Dirty Electro Sounds in August 2011, Dirty.Electro.Sounds. has been your #1 stop for the best dirty electro in the world. We strive to find and bring you the best in complextro, big-room, dutch, melbourne bounce or anyone sub-genre of electro house.
Discobelle Anderson in 2006, they really have grown a huge fan base over the years. The “Freshest” (37 posts per week) in this list, they post about single tracks, remixes, videos, and exclusive guest mixes from around the world! Through the “Reach” that they have, the Swede’s do a fantastic job at promoting artists from around the globe.
DJ Frequencies Frequencies is a techno and electronic music journal developed and maintained by BlakeAndrew, an underground techno advocate, activist, event enthusiast, and from time to time a dj/producer.
DJ Mag Murphy is our website, which attempts to replicate much of what is in the magazine, but also to give a forum to anyone and everyone involved in dance music. Our news section is updated on a daily basis.
DnB Blog Malton Blog is a project started back in May 2012 to create a useful resource for all things Drum & Bass on the web; including links to free mixes, tunes and forthcoming releases. We have since gone on to host our own interviews and currently have 2 mix series
Drop the Beatz THE BEATZ is bringing you the latest in EDM News, New Music, Videos, EDM Events and EDM Music Reviews. An original EDM blog
Dub Techno Blog Manwaring home of everything Dub Techno. We drift deeper. This blog is dedicated to the Dub Techno sound
Earmilk is a big one, and they live up to their slogan, "All milk. No duds." As such, they have managed to establish themselves as EDM tastemakers, and their SoundCloud page has a wealth of cutting-edge music. The site itself provides a wide array of coverage, including news, reviews, gear, and music from tons of artists, large and small. It's best to just submit to the Milk and let it take you where it will.
Eat Sleep EDM's hottest EDM blog. We feature only the best EDM videos, tracks, sets, news, events, downloads and forums for all EDM heads.
EDM Boutique info@edmboutique.comN/A Lifestyle & Apparel Company
EDM Canada EDM Canada for all of the latest EDM news and events in Canada
EDM Lounge Cordivari guide to the Electronic Dance Music Revolution. Featuring new music, rave, concert, and festival coverage and reviews, event photos, and electronic dance music news, is your final destination on the web for comprehensive info covering the dance music scene in New York City and the US. We are always looking for new talent to feature on the site, so please tweet, message, or email us any submissions and we'll be sure to give them a listen!
EDM Sauce Sauce keeps it simple, sticking to news and music. Within this realm, however, they offer U.S. and worldwide coverage of 12 distinct genres and 15 subgenres. This coverage is well written and very well organized. Don't overlook this blog, and check out their podcast, The Spice.
EDM Tunes dance music blog
EDMNYC Guzman is your main source for current and breaking information on everything EDM-related. Headquartered in New York City with sister sources around the globe, this electronic media powerhouse has been dominating the music scene with its press releases, reviews, interviews, and photographic event coverage since 2010.
ElectoJams Meeter is an independently run electronic music blog, whose goal is to aggregate the internet and provide our users with the best music on a daily basis. These days, it’s hard for music fans to stay up to date with their favorite artists and labels, so we aim to make that job a little easier for them. We see ourselves as a one-stop-shop for all your music, whether you listen to dubstep, electro house, glitch hop, or whatever it may be.
Electrokill you prefer your EDM hard and heavy, this is your blog. The folks behind EK scour the 'net for all the best free tracks and compile them into massive (and massively convenient) lists. You'll hear a lot of newer producers on the scene, but they don't shy away from the bigshots either - as long as it's high-quality bass music, there's a good chance you'll find it here.
Electronic Beats Dax!/EBnetElectronic Beats is the multimedia entertainment division of Telekom which incorporates live music festivals, thought-provoking and award-winning music magazines and DVDs, and an online hub at, the focal point for all EB-related information that also features exclusive radio, video and downloadable content.
Electronic Groove trailblazer when it came to fully adopting the ideology of presenting weekly content via iTunes, EG’s impact can be seen in their perpetual appearance in the Top 20 Music Podcasts of counties like Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, England and, of course, America.
Electronic Midwest Heinz Midwest is an online magazine covering electronic music events and culture in the central U.S. — an area we feel is often overlooked by the greater industry, yet is filled with a large population of fans who aree very passionate about the music and event scene.
Electronica Oasis Mauro best of Electronic Dance Music featuring latest tracks, shows, videos, pictures, promotions & more!
Elektro Hampton is another well-rounded blog, providing EDM news, event coverage, music, videos, and insights into DJ life. Elektro also offers one thing that we haven't seen much of on this list: party pics. Who doesn't love party pics? Elektro has lots of 'em, and they're totally rage-tastic. Also, on the topic of raging, elektro's "2am track of the week" series is a great resource for your late-nite rage soundtrack.
Everyday Junglist Root in 2008, Everyday Junglist is the web's finest resource for Drum & Bass music. Fresh mixes, free tunes, news, reviews, interviews and all that good stuff...
Fat Berri's’m not a producer or a dj, just a music lover who love to share the music I love.
Feel My Bicep London based blog; “Feel My Bicep” is this year’s runner up. Along with their blog they have a well-established label and run nights all over Europe. Their blog connects you with some quality deep tracks backed up with accurate and entertaining descriptions. We’ve sourced many a track via these guys and I’m sure readers of this post will follow suit. Cheers!
Flux Music Jenson – your source of the best in underground house, techno and disco
Futuristic Trap N/A strives to bring you you the latest and greatest music from traditional trap music, to the ever evolving EDM/Trapstep Genres. Our Network is approaching 3000 + members and will continue to grow.
Gotta Dance Dirty info@gottadancedirty.comN/A blog covers the whole spectrum of EDM, from trap to techno and disco to dubstep, as well as from the underground to the mainstream. They've also cranked out over a hundred downloadable mixes in their awesome weekly series, The Dirt. As an added bonus, each Dirt mix is accompanied by a polaroid of a hottie covered in GDD stickers, usually including plenty of skin.
Harder Blogger Faster Rafter a blog's title references Daft Punk, you know you're in good hands. HBF is an indispensable source for all things French and/or retro. With frequent daily updates, this is one blog you'll want to revisit often if you're trying to keep up.
House Music With Love Esser Music With Love was started on a rainy summer week in 2008. In Lund, Sweden. Jack may be dead, but we hope to keep the love for the house music alive. Since then, we’ve been co-hosting countless parties under the acronym HMWL both in Sweden and Denmark.
Houseplanet is one of the leading dance music news sites on the world wide web. News for the very best and the very latest dance music tracks are posted every day, seven days a week.
I Heart Trap Music Heart Trap Music is your one stop resource for all things Trap!
I Know Dubstephttp://iknowdubstep.combarrett@iknowdubstep.comBarrett at we provide you with the newest and hottest dubstep releases from around the world. From drum & bass to electro house, glitch hop to drumstep — we can satisfy every bass craving at the click of a mouse.
Ibiza Voice Amzallag Voice :: Hype Lies & Gossip :: Electronic Dance Music :: News, Interviews, Reviews, Podcasts, Dj, Party, Labels, Charts & Events
Igloo Magazine De Sacco Magazine is an electronic music e’zine publishing articles about current, classic and upcoming music from around the globe. Our mission is to introduce readers to the burgeoning undergrowth of electronic musicians by covering a wide range of genres including ambient, experimental, dub, dubstep, shoegaze, electro, techno, drone, IDM, industrial, post-industrial, and all the debris in between.
Ilictronix Mollett is a blog dedicated to all things electronic music, written by those passionate for it.
Less Than Three Evans a 'less-than' sign followed by the number three, and then this blog's name will make more sense -- even though it's divided into exactly three parts. First is "The Pulse," which highlights the best forward-thinking and groundbreaking EDM; next comes "The Label," which specializes in house and dubstep; and last, but certainly not least, are the "Live Environments."
Let There Be House Toronto focused digital hub for the underground house music community, provides updated content on all things within the realm of House.
Little White Earbuds Mizek is your critical authority on underground dance music, with reviews, podcasts, interviews, charts & think pieces. In the trenches with you.
Living Electro is made by electro music fans for electro music fans, the website that took its first breath on August 15, 2008. Since then our community has grown tremendously especially in the last few years and this improvement never fails to amaze us. Many DJs, producers and members contribute to LivingElectro.
London Techno Blog to the new blog dedicated to Techno DJs, music and events around London. We will also run features on DJ and music tech.
Magnetic Magazine Simas magazine, the edm-culture blog featuring interviews, edm-downloads, house music and new electronic music.
Mass EDMC Liderman is our online hub & convergence point of sorts – if you take a browse around, you’ll quickly notice we provide comprehensive event listings as well as tour & festival coverage. Additionally, we curate editorials, the music we’re listening to, podcasts, giveaways, photos & other original content showcasing the exciting electronic movement unfolding throughout the Northeast and beyond.
Mixmag is the world's biggest selling dance music and clubbing magazine
Music You Need Jacobs offers comprehensive coverage with a fair amount of underground and West Coast bass music They also feature cool daily themes like "mayhem Mondays" and "flashback Fridays," and lots of interviews with big-name artists. Make sure to check this blog out, particularly if you live in Cali, Vegas, Texas or NY, where they focus their event coverage.
My Music is Better Than Yours out of the Burlington, Vermont music scene, My Music Is Better Than Yours (MMIBTY) is a collective started by four former University of Vermont (UVM) students who realized there are few things better in their lives than Electronic Dance Music. Thanks to the internet and the technology of today, they are able to share with you some of their favorite dance tracks, including new and all-time favorites alike.
Neon Tape Deck is an electronic music blog.
Nerdy Frames Electronic/Indie Mouthpiece
NoisePorn Raterman Porn is always up on the latest trends, and is an especially valuable resource for hearing about new artists before they break out. In addition to the blog, they also front a record label that releases choice tunes from artists you might not find anywhere else. They've even got a sleek iPhone app so you can keep up with hot new releases on the go.
Now Playing Musik Laresh are a music network devoted to bringing the best and most creative sounds in electronic music to you.
PB&J B.™ is the common ground where music fanatics and the everyday listener can come together and enjoy the latest & greatest in all sorts of Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop, Alternative and Indie music…along with anything else that keeps us grooving. It’s our job to brave the interweb and find these gems so our visitors can hear them before anyone else.
Planet House Music home of good Electro, Deep, Tech and Progressive House Music. Plus interviews and live sets from some of the World's biggest DJ's and Festivals.
Pure Bliss Vocals Bliss Vocals is dedicated to bringing you the listeners the best in Vocal Trance and all things EDM. Whether your after the latest news, hottest tracks or lyrics to sing along too. Pure Bliss Vocals sources it all.
Rager Onions Goudie’s simple: No human cultural distinction can change the fact that music in it’s purest form sets us free. The world around us is changing, and with change comes an ethical responsibility to do right by your objective reality. This is our time, it’s the age that we live in. Embrace the times. Embrace the music. We are Rager Onions.
Resident Advisor in 2001, RA publishes news, reviews and features to an audience of over a million monthly readers. Thousands of artist and label profiles—and even more user-generated event and club listings—have made RA an invaluable resource. With offices in London, Berlin and Tokyo and contributors spanning the globe, RA covers anything and everything that is electronic music-related.
Robot Dance Music, hello there! We are a music blog run out of Oklahoma City. We've been around the past 7 years serving only the best fresh baked jams.
Rolling Tuff Long is an electronic music magazine that shares music from all over the world, the latest industry news and fashion tips and trends. Our goal is to educate the public by sharing what interests us in hopes of creating new fans and reaching more people who will one day support the content we feature.
Run the Trap Best Trap Music, Hip Hop, Club Music & More
Smash the Club blog of EDM/House, Trap, Twerk, Hip-Hop, Moombah, Open-Format, & Top 40 club mixes from artists, DJs, & producers all over the world.
Sound is Style Gambill are what you listen to – a music blog for music aficionados.
Soundwall Fatini is the point of reference of the national clubbing movement, according to the experts the best electronic music magazine in Italy.
Stoney Roads Cotman in 2007, Stoney Roads is the quintessential stop for everything Dance Music. With a pack of hungry writers, we set out to curate the current Dance scenes from a young, witty and sharp outlook. Our website has been built to provide a dynamic editorial platform for the most up to date music news, reviews, interviews and downloads. Whether you have been with us from the beginning or this is your first visit to our humble little organisation, all that matters is you are here now. Welcome to your home for dance music!
The Beat Mill Bolen all the latest in House, Dubstep, Electro, Trance, and Moombahton, check us out at TheBeatMill!
The Fat! Club dot comLee Smart name you’ll probably be familiar with; FAT, Chew the. Cemented in London clubbing culture, their arsenal comprises of a blog, club night, record label, management company and a DJ agency. The blog provides a wide range of information encompassing, news, events, mixes, reviews and even a shop. You have to check out their blog for yourself to see how impressive it is.
The House of Disco Chris!/thehouseofdiscoHouse of Disco is a blog, label and events brand dedicated to unearthing good music for your earlobes. . Daily Disco Delights of catchy and fun tunes.
The Techno Kittens and Nicola While browsing this list, do you find yourself thinking, "Well, the music is great, but none of these blogs are very cute..."? Techno Kittens, to the rescue! The good people who run TK don't take themselves very seriously - note how they love to scribble (MS Paint-style) cat faces on top of album covers, for instance. But their taste in EDM is exquisite, and each of the three writers has their own distinct preferences, so you'll always get a little bit of everything when you visit.
The Untzhttp://www.theuntz.comsupport@theuntz.comAnand Harsh Untz connects the entire electronic music community of fans, artists and promoters. The website is designed to allow artists and promoters to add information and music. We organize all of this information so fans can easily search for, track, and share it.
The Waxhole is a music blog comprised of producers/artists/bloggers. We are always searching for and sharing new content.
This Song Is Sick Guarino this blog seems like it was started by that one friend we all have who's always digging up new music and sending you the spoils, that's because it was. Nick Guarino is, and has always been, that guy. He moved to Colorado, started a really earnest blog, and it took off. The site is really easy to navigate, broken into mood-based sections like "Banger" and "Chill." Furthermore, Guarino has stepped his game up and now gets exclusive content from major artists. And he makes totally solid original mixes himself. Sick! What more could you ask for?
This Song Slaps or Jason provide listeners with the latest dubstep, trap, hip-hop, & electro house & everything EDM everyday.
Tracasseur Puma and Arnie Becker is curated by Swedish DJ duo Jonny Puma and Arnie Becker, and skimming over their posts is like getting to dig through their crates (or iPods...) behind the decks. They also occasionally interview up-and-coming DJs when they pass through Stockholm, and since they're in the biz too, they know all the right questions to ask for a great conversation.
Trance Kids to TranceKids! Why Trance? TK is an avid electronic music listener, with an ear in just about every genre and segment of Electronic. But it’s the opinion of TK that listeners are really beginning to focus in on specific segments, rather than be bombarded with everything at once. That’s where we come in. We are a music blog that strives to bring the best trance music to our followers. We are a relatively new blog, but we have a lot to offer. Stay in touch and check back frequently as we continue to update everything.
Trance Music Blog WalshN/ABest songs in trance and progressive music: videos, track lists and more!
Weunderground beat heads dedicated to bringing you the latest in electronic music, beats, hip hop and bass
White River Rafting Aldomovar is a leading source for electronic dance music news, artist profiles, music reviews and event information. Founded in 2011, has seen over one million unique visitors and its community has thousands of members on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
Wicked Moustgaard blog about electronic music and all the great things it comes with like partys, dj'ing and products. We deliver the music you need to keep the party going. Shortly: Providing and guiding you through the jungle of electronic music since 2009.
Wunderground you the freshest dance music news. As it happens. In our heads.
Your EDM Alport EDM is a website that focuses on covering news, releases, events and more that relates to electronic dance music. Barely a year old, Your EDM has developed a strong following of  millions of monthly unique visitors and growing. We continuously strive to deliver the most up to date content that we find relevant to the EDM space.