Who can we get to be the face of our Company?

Who can we get to be the face of our Company?

We are currently in the stage of re-branding our company name which was Milbry Gifts Limited from 2012 – 2018. We started off ok finding orders from other businesses but then soon after my partner (Sister) got Cancer, but the good news is she pulled through and was given the all clear back in the summer.
So our dream business of printing personalised gifts i.e. Mugs, T-Shirts, Cushions, Canvasses, and Blankets etc, was slipping away from us while my sister was going through her chemo sessions, but now Glad to say, she is well and we are ready to re-brand with our New Name Subli-Jubli Limited.
But to do this we need a Famous face to be printed on some of our products that we can print on our leaflets etc. We haven’t got much to offer this person other than the fact that we will gladly donate 10% of all sales next year to a charity of their choice.

But the question is WHO CAN WE ASK???

Hi Peter, Ive found some celebrities using Celebrity Endorsers that may be a fit:
1) Jane Fonda (cancer survivor, philanthropist)
2) Angelina Jolie (her mother died of cancer and she had operation to prevent it, also supporting cancer charity organizations)
3) Lance Armstrong (have support foundation for people who have cancer and cancer survivors)
4) Matthew McConaughey (have foundation in which collect money by selling shirts)
5) Hugh Jackman (had skin cancer and support cancer foundation).

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Thank you very much Marko, those names are fantastic ideas very much appreciated.

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Please ask me to be the face of your company.
My name is Rebecca I have started my own nonprofit organization to help change the laws on child/domestic/elder abuse, foster children, disabled, homeless and veterans. These are things that have and still affect my personal life and so many around me. The organization is called Justice for the Forgotten and Future Americans. It’s not just a charity but I also created it with a political side to help change antiquated laws. I have been working with other nonprofits and Political advocates to help change laws to better those who suffer so much on a regular basis. I have programs that I am setting up to help foster girls prepare themselves for the job market that similar to dress for success with hopefully scholarships in the future. As well as programs to help rescue and rehabilitate animals from kill shelters to be elderly, disabled veteran companions and service dogs. I have a lot of ideas and things in the works to help other and would love to put together an event with you another former foster child (my self as well) to help as many struggling people as possible. Please contact me


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I would rock something personalized and help promote it to the millennials


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Hi Peter, I believe understanding the kind of services and/or products offered by the company helps to determine the kind of ambassador they might be looking for. Understanding that the face of a company in a great way represents the interest of the company and that is who the people see or know regardless of who the executives of the business are. Best to get someone who can tell the story of your business well and also someone who can relate well with/to the public to pass across not just the message but the passion with/behind the vision you have for your company. It is important that this person is not only able to engage in conversations which should have a great effect on your business but they should also be consistent and true. Having a public relations person is also helpful as they plan ahead and help guide not just you but your business as well. All the best Uzoma


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Hi Peter,
I believe that first, you should look for a celebrity that will fit in the story of your brand. There are many celebrities that would probably like to support your brand, but if you find someone who already participated in this kind of endorsements or had any personal connection with your story, you will have more success with your campaign. Do a detailed research and make a list of celebrities you would like to work with, check their social media activity and for which causes are they fighting for. You can include examples of their past campaigns which inspired you to choose them as a face for your company. Afterward, find a contact for celebrity representative and reach out kindly with your request. Combine details from research together with your goals and mission summary. Keep it simple and explain to celebrity representative why this collaboration will work out good for both sides. Don’t forget to include what do you have to offer them (in your case 10% donation of all sales next year). Good luck, Maja.

Thank you Maja, your comments have certainly given us something to think about, if only we had someone like you on our team, lol.

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