When creating a charity event who should you contact first?

When creating a charity event who should you contact first?

When trying to get a celebrity to speak at your event, should you contact a manager first to discuss availability or contact a venue to get a specific date in place?

If your giving money you should out right ask them to give you a reasonable price and if they don't then find someone else. We closed a ten year deal for two benefit Festivals for $120m with money going to the Veterans for PTSD and Life Altering Injuries and Indigenous Children and youth. Both in Canada. My Group of Companies donate 20% of our net revenues to the Foundation. Their is no way I am going to hire headliners who don't believe in our cause and I definitely ask for a big discount right off the get go.
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I would first figure out what your budget is to offer the celebrity, then get a date with the venue. After you have these key details (your budget, the venue, date of event, type of booking, expected attendance), then I would like reach out to the "agent" to check availability.


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