Signing contract virtually

Signing contract virtually

Just in case there is some hacker or some crazy guy who creates booking @ such and, what is the best way to verify contract is authentically signed, and also the method which most main stream artist use for the money compensation? Technically the service I provide I would never have to met with the artist 1 on 1 so I want to know best way to handle it!! Also is docu sign okay or should I have it emailed back?


Asked on July 9, 2019 7:00 pm

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Now this depends on the agency. If you are dealing with a bigger agency, like lets say a WME or CAA, they will provide you with the artists W-9. If its not a bigger agency, then you can ask for the W-9 of the artist. Now when you sign a contract, you should be given the numbers to the people on their team, typically their tour manager, manager, and production manager (if applicable). Also, along with the contract, you will receive the artists rider contract.

There are a few ways to sign a contract. You can sign it by hand, and if the agency has a fax number, you can fax it over to them. You can also use Docusign, Echosign, or any other digital signature platform to sign the contract, and email it over to them.

As far as compensation, most (if not all) artists will take a wire transfer for the deposit. The back-end (depending on the artist), can be paid in cash. Sometimes it can be paid with check (but this typically only applies to corporate events or university events). Other ways in which a deposit can be paid is by bank deposit (not recommended).

Hope this helps!


Answered On July 9, 2019 7:12 pm

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