Managers forward request letters to their talent?

Managers forward request letters to their talent?

We are trying to attract a prominent celebrity to participate in our Annual Fundraiser-She aligns with our mission and our SVP met and spoke with her at a recent gathering for another notable figure with whom she is a close friend. She wants to send a letter to the celeb and ask the manager to forward it. Will Managers do that?

Thank you. I agree with you. I needed an outside person to affirm it. Hopefully, it won't hurt our prospects-they just won't do it.
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In my experience so far, in terms of booking requests no, they don't. My events are also non-profit, I received a super quick response for a request I made (actually this particular one was with another agency but have also experienced the same here) and got an immediate response declining. It was very evident that the agent had not even sounded out the Artist, who actually makes music about the very subject matter I am campaining for, declined. In this case they are undermining artists and thereby damaging their credibility in the scene. IMHO
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highly doubtful.


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So you didn't mention the fundraiser to the celeb when you spoke with them is the right? Next time mention it directly to the celeb, that way they can then put you in touch w/their mgr, not the other way around.

Now probably the best you can do is hope that the mgr mentions it to the celeb, even in passing. Where is your event located? If you are flexible on the location, book the fundraiser at a location very accessible to a travel hub such as Atlanta, Newark/NYC, or Chicago. Manhattan is a good bet for example. Or do something really fun like a cocktail party on a yacht in the harbor; Boston, NYC etc.

I love cocktail party formats b/c sit-downs do not offer the networking opportunities. You rly only end up talking with the ppl on either side and in front at long tables, ppl on either side at circular ones. I've done lovely parties using wine barrels for cocktail tables and very little seating. Couches for example. Rooftop parties are always fun though the contingency planning in case of rain for those events are not. Tents in the rain ...

Ok I digress now ... anyway that is the best advice I can give on how to attract a celeb. Of course the common interest/cause that you already have will help. Good luck..

Best of luck to you in your fundraiser.

From another member: Thank you for your advice.
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Answered On July 30, 2022 12:57 pm

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The talent expects the manager to handle bookings and addressing all inquiries, in most cases there is no need for the manager to forward a request letter.

There is a need indeed if you are for example, an NGO wishing to work with artists say, like myself, from the Grime scene who actively sing, perform and push their values and ideas, and this is exactly what they are known and loved for, and yet here is their Manager or Agent telling you No, you cannot book them, they are unavailable and not even stating a reason (though in one case it was simply that the artist was not performing that year so fair enough). It happened to me with Stormzy very recently. The agent wasn't rude at all, he was very polite but stated no, he is not available to do this event whatsoever, so why? Can't you telll me? Is he exclusive to another venue in the city? Then be honest about it....This is why I find agents difficult sometimes.
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Answered On July 24, 2022 8:43 am

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No, I have not heard of that ever happening. Think of it from the managers perspective, why would they forward a letter to their client just based off of you telling them that your SVP had spoke with them. The celebrity hires representatives for a reason, and if you want to book them for your fundraiser, you need to do so through the proper channels. Hope that helps


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It depends on the manager. Some might but most will not.

Thank you.
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