I’m looking for a celebrity to wear my brand

I’m looking for a celebrity to wear my brand

I just launched a sneaker line and I’m looking for a celebrity to wear my sneaker and post a picture. My sneakers are made of genuine Italian leather and handcrafted when the order is placed. How can I get this to happen?

Hi There.. What is your budget to hire a celebrity.. Is your line online for sale?
( at May 13, 2021 9:47 pm)
Aliveshoes i see, i used them as well and got a few celebrities i worked with to do this. One you can endorse it, this is by far the best way in doing this and the legit way. but it will ocst on ag. 20k - millions depending on the product and how much you make for each sale. ex. alive shoes cost about 120+ and u only make $30 per sale , so eith they will look at the $120 or you will have to go in detail about the $30 markup. They may want 50% per sale *(normallly 2% conv rate per view or follower they have) 15(50%)*500,000(followers) Another way is sending it to publicist as a gift, this means they wont post it anywhere or actually wear it unless they really like it. third way is attempt to meet them at a event and personally give them the shoes, this way you know their getting it, and you can even maybe ask them to share it on their social network. onced again they may not do it.
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Asked on March 17, 2021 5:22 pm

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I work with a celebrity who would probably wear your line and he's pretty popular among young adults to middle age artsy types if that's in your market.

Who's your Celebrity?
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Answered On April 3, 2021 8:54 pm

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Depending on the celebrity you're looking for, you can do this either by paying the celebrity to endorse your sneaker line or sending them your sneakers as gifts.

For endorsement deals, you will need to hire the celebrity through their endorsement/commercial agent. If they do not have an endorsement/commercial agent, you can reach out to their manager. The cost is not fixed as it depends on the celebrity you're looking for, and the type of promotion. This method guarantees that the celebrity will wear your sneakers and post a picture with them.

The other method - sending your sneakers as gifts - can work but there's no guarantee that the celebrity will wear your sneakers. Also, wearing them is one thing, and taking a picture with them is another. For this method, you will reach out to either the publicist or stylist of the celebrity.


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