I’m in charge of a marketing campaign for an app how do I approach celebrities for endorsement?

I’m in charge of a marketing campaign for an app how do I approach celebrities for endorsement?

We are a social media start up & want to get celebrity users to our app. We believe a “bio link” type of campaign will be most appealing with a pay per click sort of incentive. We also have a separate incentive for actual posts on the app. How do I approach pitching this type of campaign? Who do I go to? Manager? Publicist? Do you think it’s realistic to pay on the back end? Or should there be some sort of up front pay? We believe our compensation per click to be very good. Should we be offering technical support & assistance? Photographers/videographers for creating content? A content template? I feel like approaching celebrities to be a one shot kind of deal, we actually want them to read our offer & take it seriously & we are prepared to pay quite well.

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You will want to go to the manager for this. As far as payment, it is going to depend on who the celebrity is. Most all celebrities are going to either want a significant or all of their money up-front. I'm assuming that your start-up isn't a big name, so its a risk for them to not do it this way.

Another approach is to start with a smaller celebrity who you think will work well for your campaign, and do a deal where there is an up-front payment, and also an incentive as well. If this campaign does well, you can use it as an example to pitch other celebrities.

As far as providing photographers and videographers, this is going to be completely dependent on what your looking for. When doing a deal with the celebs team, you approach them with what you are expecting the deliverable to be. How the deliverable will be done, can be negotiated, and will all be dependent on the celeb.

This is incredibly helpful, thank you.
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