How do I get an artist to attend my event/nightclub?

How do I get an artist to attend my event/nightclub?

How do I get an artist to attend my event? Would it be cheaper? Would they be interested?


Asked on July 12, 2020 6:51 pm

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This is a bit of a general question, but I will try to speak generally. In booking an artist, you will get in touch with their agent to book them. Before reaching out to their agent, you will need to already know the following: budget, date of performance, expected attendance, other acts, ticket price, and venue capacity.

The prices vary by artist, and there are different factors that go into pricing. Very rarely is there a set price that everybody pays, most artist pricing fluctuates by market and is negotiable. To answer your question of "would they be interested"? Well if you are professional, and your offer is good I would say yes. Some reasons why they wouldn't be interested, is if you are inexperienced, don't have a big enough budget, or the logistics don't make sense.

I disagree. As a former Agent, if you're reaching out to get a celebrity at your event and you're not paying them, you would really need to go through the Publicist or the Manager and NOT the Agent. If you only have the Agent's contact info, then you'll have to use that, but they will then send the request on to the Manager or the Publicist. Honestly, you're better off going through someone that may know them. If you do have to go through any of their representation, do an email that is kind, flattering and gets right to the point and any charitable advantages for this person to be seen at your event. Make sure you follow up. And keep following up. Agent's Assistants, Manager's Assistants and Publicist's and their Assistants are very busy and won't remember your request most of the time so remember to follow up every 2 weeks.
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Answered On July 12, 2020 6:55 pm

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